3D Personalized Photo Collage

Personalized Photo Collages

Make gift giving truly personal by giving them a gift all about themselves, a 3D personalized photo collage centered on all the wonderful highlights of their life. A birth of a child, graduation, christening, bar/bat Mitzvah, Christmas, vacation spots, etc. are some ideas to include in the collage. For those who would like to personalize the collage even more, we can add items and mementos on the collage. Simply fill out the Collagery questionnaire and list the items pertaining to the collage recipient. We will provide the generic items (i.e., golf ball, sports logos, etc.) and you send us the items that are personal (i.e., business cards, newspaper articles, vacation souvenirs, etc.)

The personalized photo collage is another way to commemorate a milestone occasion, i.e., a 50th anniversary, 40th birthday, etc., with that additional personalized touch!