Info & Pricing

The amount of photos is determined by the size or budget of the collage you want. Here is our information in deciding which collage is best for you:


Size Amt. of photos **Center photo size Price
11”x14” 15 4”x6” $175
16”x20” 20 to 30 5”x7” $299
18”x24” 30 to 40 8”x10” $399
24”x30” 40 to 50 8”x10” $499

**The center photo creates a focal point to the collage (we suggest you choose your favorite picture).


Size Price
11”x14 $175
16”x20” $299
18”x24” $399
24”x30” $499

All collages come with a frame of your choice and a brass plate message. Prices do not include shipping and handling or New York State sales tax (if applicable).