1. What is the difference between a photo collage, personalized photo collage and general theme collage?

The photo collage is created from photos you send.

The personalized collage is created not only from your photos; we add items and mementos to the collage as well. We will provide you with a Collagery questionnaire and you fill out the pertinent items pertaining to the collage recipient. Based on your questionnaire, we incorporate the generic items (i.e., golf ball, sports logos, miniature food/drink, etc.) .  You can also send personal items that you would like us to add (i.e., business cards, newspaper articles, vacation souvenirs, etc.)

The general theme collage is designed for someone who has a passion for something, i.e., a sports fan aficionado, or a collector of music or movie memorabilia. We provide the pictures based on the subject you want. These collages will also include items and mementos relating to the theme requested.
All our collages are 3 dimensional in design.

2. What makes your collages 3D?

We achieve our “3D” look by “raising” at least half of the pictures on the collage, while keeping the other pictures flat. Because of the 3D nature of our collages, there is no glass covering the collages. They are sealed with a high quality coating which preserves the pictures for a lifetime of viewing pleasure.

3. For photo collages, what type of pictures should be included?

For anniversary or birthday collages, you want to send us pictures through the years, as you want to capture the memories associated with them. A birth of a child, graduation, birthday celebrations,bar/bat mitzvah, Christmas, vacation spots, a momentous achievement, etc., are some ideas to include in the collage. Personalize your collage further by adding special memorable things between you and the gift recipient, i.e., a nickname, a personality trait, a favorite quote he/she might say.

4. Do you need original photos and are they returned? What about digital photos?

Because of the nature of our collages,the photos you send are incorporated into the collage artwork and are not returnable. You can send us originals or copies made at any photocopy store (note: they must be on photo-quality paper). For digital photos, you can zip the files and send it to us (please note that we will add the additional cost of printing the photos to your order). Please do not send copies of any copyrighted photos without expressed permission from the photographer.

5. How do I determine how many photos to send? What is your pricing?

The amount of photos is determined by the size or budget of the collage you want. Here is our information in deciding which collage is best for you:


Size Amt. of photos **Center photo size Price
11”x14” 15 4”x6” $175
16”x20” 20 to 30 5”x7” $299
18”x24” 30 to 40 8”x10” $399
24”x30” 40 to 50 8”x10” $499

**The center photo creates a focal point to the collage (we suggest you choose your favorite picture).


Size Price
11”x14 $175
16”x20” $299
18”x24” $399
24”x30” $499

All collages come with a frame of your choice and a brass plate message. Prices do not include shipping and handling or New York State sales tax (if applicable).

6. Do you have custom sizes if I want to send you more than 50 pictures?

Absolutely. Please contact us and we will give you a quote.

7. Is there an extra charge for framing or the brass plate message?

No! Your collage pricing includes a frame of your choice and a 2-3 line brass plate message.
Metal Frames Colors: Black, Gold, Silver, Pewter and Bronze
Wood Frames Colors: Black, Gold, Silver, Natural Oak and Cherry

Brass plate message: An example for an anniversary message would be:
Happy 40th Anniversary!
Love from your Family
[Anniversary Date]
We will send you a few ideas if you need some suggestions of creative messages for all types of occasions.

8. What payment options do you accept?

We accept payment from all major credit cards, Paypal, and personal checks made payable to Collagery (checks must clear before shipment of collage). Our encrypted shopping cart makes your purchase with us easy and secure.

9. How do I place my order?

Go to our shopping cart and place your order under “Custom Orders”. Please check the particulars that pertain to the collage that you are ordering.  If you wish to mail the order form with your mailed photos/and or items, please print it out and include it with your package.

10. What is the process in sending you my photos?

Mail your Mail photos/items to:

1070 Middle Country Road 
Ste 7 – #228
Selden, NY  11784
(631) 240-7811

It is preferable to send your package via Fedex, UPS or USPS priority mail so that there is a tracking number. We will contact you via email/phone once your items are received to assure you of their safe arrival and to go over any details of the collage with you.

When including photos, please indicate on a Post-It which picture is to be used as the center. Please do not cut any of the pictures. If you want to “exclude” a person/scene from a particular picture, indicate it on a Post-It; same goes for a background you might not want us to remove (i.e., if someone is standing in front of a house and you want that house included in the collage because they grew up there). Please do not use “ink” on the back of pictures as they tend to rub off on the photo in back of it and it cannot be removed.

For digital photos: You can upload file and/or photos on our Custom Collage order page (when naming the file please use your full name). If you wish to send it via email,  please note that it cannot exceed 50mg. The cost of printing pictures will be incurred by you and will be added to your invoice.

Upon receipt of your photos/items, we will contact you and go over any details of the collage with you.

11. When can I expect to receive my collage?

Allow 2-3 weeks for delivery. If your collage is time-sensitive, please let us know and we will endeavor to meet your deadline.