Collagin’ Bloggin’

September 2014


Designing collages have been and still are my passion.  However, what makes the collage really “come alive” are the photos and input provided by my clients.  After all, who knows the subject matter better than they do?

If it’s a birthday or anniversary collage, I encourage my clients to provide pictures of the highlights of their life – relatives/friends, graduations, weddings, children/grandchildren, favorite vacation spots, achievements and accomplishments, as well as what they are passionate about.  It becomes fun for the clients to go through the photos and reminisce about the memories that were created when the picture were taken.  It makes them think about the person receiving the collage and all the uniqueness that makes that person special.

I always tell my clients that I am just the designer but their description of the person receiving the collage really tells the true story of what they are all about.

Wishing you a day filled with wonderful memories, Miriam

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