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May 2016


Last year, I had the honor of designing a birthday collage for a person who turned 80 years young.  Ivan lives in Northern California.  He is retired now but his profession was being a physician.  To represent this, I had a miniature doctor’s coat next to the picture of him with his stethoscope and his old prescription pad. 

Ivan has many interests – He has always enjoyed outdoor life, i.e., hiking, skiing, gardening, etc. He enjoys traveling and there is a great picture of him in Egypt posing with the pyramids in the background.

Ivan also has a great love for the arts: classical music, operas and museums.  A strong interest in discussing politics is part of who he is as well as enjoying his beloved San Francisco Giants and Chicago Cubs.

But best of all, the most meaningful pictures on Ivan’s collage are of those that mean the most to him: his wife, children and grandchildren in various photos taken through the years.  Ivan so enjoyed this pictorial tribute to him and his life – All his accomplishments, passions and love of family to be viewed every day.

Wishing you a day filled with wonderful memories, Miriam

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Ivan's collage

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