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February 2014


This month was particularly grueling, not just weather-wise.  Our beautiful older daughter moved to California to pursue her new career.  Nothing made me happier than seeing our child move on to the next phase of her life.  But oh the distance!  Instead of drowning my mood in a glass of Merlot (okay, maybe a little), I pulled out photos of her through the years.  The memories hit me with such a soothing feeling.  They were the usual photos: Her first day home from the hospital, the baby years, her first day at kindergarten, vacation trips, holidays, parties, etc.  As I reminisced, I realize that life changes constantly but one thing remains the same.  Memories.  You can relive them as often as you want and the good ones bring a smile to your face, a warmth in your heart.  I think about this whenever I create a collage for my clients who get to see those memories on a wall in art form.

Wishing you a day filled with wonderful memories, Miriam


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