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August 2014


I was talking to someone who had traced some ancestry lineage through and I reminsced about a collage I had done years ago.  It was a birthday collage for the client’s parents who were celebrating their 70th birthdays approximately 2 weeks apart.

The collage, however, was not the typical “this is your life” collage for his parents but a geneology of their families.  The client had spent two years accumulating photos and documents of relatives that were living or had passed on.  He had actually gone to Poland and took pictures of relatives’ tombstones as well as obtain birth certificates copies.  There were documents of naturalization papers, census from 1911 and ship rosters crossing Europe.

My challenge was there were more paper documents than photos so I had to think creative in the design.  He had suggested starting on one side of the board for his father’s family and the right side for his mother’s.  This worked well and in the middle of the collage the family tree for both were displayed.  Pictures were placed intermittently throughout the collage.

My client could have put all his documents/pictures in a photo or scrapbook but by displaying his hard work and efforts of two years in an art form, his parents could see their family roots on a regular basis.

Wishing you a day filled with wonderful memories, Miriam


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