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May 2014


There will always be those special occasion collages that I design, i.e., 50th anniversary, 70th birthday, etc., but once in awhile I get to design an unusual milestone event.   

One of the oldest synagogues in Long Island, New York, Agudat Achim, was founded in the late 1880s. In 1893, the congregation erected a building on Main Street in East Setauket which served the influx of almost two hundred families who worked in the local rubber factory. After a fire destroyed the factory, the families left and the synagogue was closed, reopened in 1916 but closed again after World War I.  In 1947, after many meetings among various local residents and volunteers, the synagogue reopened and was renamed North Shore Jewish Center. The congregation leaders realized that the surge in the local population would create a need for synagogue expansion and in 1965 a new property was purchased to house the new synagogue, which was completed in 1971, where it continues to flourish.

The collage included a copy of the doctrine by the original founding congregants, pictures of the original synagogue, the vacant lot where the synagogue now stands, the members who were responsible for the reopening of the synagogue, the completed new building, and the synagogue events that occurred through the years since.

Another milestone collage was created for John T. Mather Memorial Hospital, Port Jefferson, New York, for its 80th anniversary.  John T. Mather came from a shipbuilding family who bequeathed part of his fortune towards the building of a local hospital, which occurred on December 29, 1929.  It consisted of 54 beds; the Emergency Room was a room with a single bed.  Now the hospital has a bed count of 248 with has seen so much expansion in its 80 years.

The collage displayed a copy of the original dedication ceremony booklet and the prices ($53 a day reflected your stay in the ward, x-ray, lab work, medicine and bandages).  Pictures included the original hospital building (which still remains) with about 50 auxiliary volunteer nurses during World War II on its front steps, the various departments of Mather Hospital, annual fundraising events, benefactors, administrators, expansion projects of new units, wings, etc.

It was such a joy to create a visual artwork for these entities so that others can relive their history and accomplishments through the years.

Wishing you a day filled with wonderful memories, Miriam


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