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June 2014


So you want to make a photo collage but not sure how to go about it?  Here are some basics to get you going in the right direction.  Take a handful of those favorite photos you are going to work with.  Now separate them in two piles, the “quiet” pictures and the “busy” pictures.  Pictures that have a few colors, a soft background and maybe a few people in the photo I term as “quiet” pictures.  Those that have a group shot, lots of different colors or a lot going on in the background are considered “busy” pictures.  When you layout your collage, you will want to try to alternate the quiet pictures from the busy ones to make it pleasing to the eye. 

The next thing to notice is the coloring of the pictures.  Color blending is very important to the collage.  I personally don’t like to put a magenta/pink colored picture next to a predominately red one but if you don’t mind it, go ahead.  The photos touching each other should have a nice balance of color.

There will be some pictures that you will be trimming and discarding the background. Choose which pictures you will do this to.  Remember that busy picture that had a group shot and a busy background?  Trim around the people in your group shot and discard the busy background.  This is a good idea if you have more busy pictures in your collage than quiet ones.  Or you may trim a quiet picture so that it can be placed between two busy pictures to break up the busyness.

Another good tip is when you design your collage, let the direction of your pictures be your guide.  For instance, when you are looking at the picture and the person in the photo has his/head bending towards your right, the picture would be best placed on the left side of your board; left side facing person to be placed on the right side of the board.  This way, there will be a flow of angles that focuses the design towards the center of your collage.  The photo showing a tree swaying in the wind or an angle of a street sign can guide the way you layout the collage as well.

 Wishing you a day filled with wonderful memories, Miriam

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