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June 2016


Every year I donate to a charity silent auction that is near and dear to my heart.  It is called Race to Erase MS and it is held in Los Angeles, California. Two of my dear friends are afflicted with MS and I will do anything to raise funds and awareness to find a cure.

This year, I donated a collage on the subject of my favorite actor, Tom Hanks.  I researched his movies up to recent times and based the collage around them.  It is hard to pick a personal favorite so I just enjoyed designing everything he acted in.

Getting the 3D items were fun.  For Cast Away, I cut a  die-cast Fedex plane in half and tried my best to replicate “Wilson” on the miniature volleyball.  I could have put a box of chocolates or shrimp for Forrest Gump, but I always thought the feather in the beginning and end of the movie was poignant.  A justice scale for Philadelphia brought meaning to the film’s representation.  For Apollo 13, I added a miniature actual capsule of Apollo 13.  And of course, you can see a bunch of other 3ds in the picture below.

I am glad that the collage was bid on by many at the auction and I hope whoever won the bid enjoys the collage as much as I did in designing it. By the way, as an expression of my appreciation of being entertained for hours on end, I entitled the collage “Thanks, Hanks”.

Wishing you a day filled with wonderful memories, Miriam

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Tom Hanks collage cropped

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